# Ronda – Trail

Ronda trail – crossing the mountains of Ronda through Natural Park, lonely canyons and descents, over opened fields to the Atlantic beach

You start in the homeland of the famous bandits, cross on their ways three Natural Parks observing vultures and games. Over opened fields of sunflowers and cotton and the famous black bulls you come to the white sandy beach.
Long days with up to 9 hours in the saddle require a good condition and health to be able to enjoy this trail.

White towns – three Natural Parks, mountains, fields & beach.
This trail can be combined with the Zahara trail to have a 14 days trail trough Andalusia.

Day 1: Arrival at Malaga airport and transfer to La Paz, accommodation and dinner with meeting about the trail.
Day 2: After breakfast you drive up to Ronda which is situated on a high plateau of 750 meters. On the first day you ride through deep canyons that are only accessible on donkey trails, which are still being used by smugglers. Cortes de la Frontera is one of the typical white villages for which the whole region got its nickname ‘Pueblos Blancos’ (white villages). The horses stay here and you have a late lunch before you drive to your hotel nearby Ronda.
Day 3: After descending into the canyons of the white villages you enter, with a special permission, the nature park Cortes de la Frontera. Forest trails alternate with livestock and donkey trails. The hillsides are covered with old cork oak forests. In this intact nature you can observe all kind of protected animals and plants. At “Diego Duro “, a small farm in the mountains the horses stay for the night while the riders drive to Alcala de los Gazules. Undiscovered by tourism it is still one of the typical white tows. You stay in a small hotel in the centre of town nearby the square everybody gets together – especially late at night after dinner. Bordered by half a dozen of pubs and in safe distance from the church, every villager walks across the square at least once a day. There is even a saddler here that you might like to check out.

Day 4: The last stage through the mountains. You have probably already admired the surefootedness of your Andalusian horse. You now ride through the nature parks Aljibe and Alcornocales, which are very rich in wild game and have been established to halt the passion for hunting. As no cars are allowed in the parks, you carry your lunch picnic in the saddlebags. In the afternoon you ride over rolling hills on trails that are bordered with hedgerows cacti through large meadows and fields of sunflowers. The horses stay at Patrite nearby Alcala while you drive backto your hotel.
Day 5: The large landholdings of the bull and horse breeders are located in the triangle between Alcala, Jerez, and the coast. You ride across large pastures with fighting bulls and cows with their
calves. One pasture is often several miles long. Spring is spectacular in this area as the fields are covered with wild flowers and are very lush and green while they dry out during the summer. You will certainly meet ‘vaqueros’, Spanish cowboys who spend their days in the saddle looking after the cattle on these large ranches. You stop for lunch at a ‘venta’, a typical country restaurant, just below the old Moorish fortress Medina-Sidona. On sandy trails and the livestock trail ‘Paquiri’, named after the famous matador, you ride to Los Naveros where the horses spend the night. You drive to Zahara de los Atunes on the Atlantic Coast. The next nights you spend in a hotel right on the beach where you can enjoy a swim in the pool or the Atlantic Ocean.
Day 6: In the morning you ride through meadows and fields of sugar beets, beans, cotton, and the bright yellow sunflowers. The support vehicle awaits you as usual with the lunch picnic. In the afternoon you reach the beach in Conil: Feel the anticipation of your horse! Except for the summer months, you just meet a few fishers, the beaches are deserted. You enjoy long canters and gallops on yellow sand and into the blue waves of the Atlantic! You ride along the coast on sandy trails and through pine forests, past Cap Trafalgar where Lord Nelson fought his last sea-battle, to Caños de Meca. You drive back to the hotel in Zahara. At the beach you can see the small fishing boats that deliver their catch every day to the local hotels. Enjoy these Atlantic delicacies for dinner.
Day 7: Another day on the beach awaits you. First you ride along sandy trails through the coastal pine forests and around the fishing village Barbate. A long stretch of deserted beach (except the summer month) invites you. This area is under the supervision of the military; so, no hotels have been built and exempt in summer you will just meet some fishers. In a fast gallop you reach Zahara where this wonderful ride comes to an end. The horses get loaded and you drive back for accommodation and dinner to La Paz.
Day 8: After breakfast transfer to Malaga airport.
(Subject to modifications)

Can be combined with the Zahara trail to 15 days trail.


You ride with Andalusia mares and geldings in Spanish saddles with long stirrups and hackamore on one hand; a very easy and comfortable way of riding for riders and horses. You ride in walk or canter.
You should have good riding experience in the open country and be able to have a horse under control in the canters.
Weight limit 95kg
About 7 to 9 hours riding every day.


Arrival and departure

With your booking you have transfers at given times from and to Malaga airport included. Special transfers (Euro 30,-) can be booked extra and give you more flexibility with your flight booking.
This program can be combined with any program of La Paz.


8 days / 7 nights in double room, single room with supplement, full board ( table wine included), lunch as picnic, 6 riding days, German and English speaking guide, horse with equipment, transfers from and to Malaga airport at given times

Minimum of 4 clients to take place. Bookings from 6 clients up can get a closed group (no other clients). Special dates can be asked
On arrival and departure is no riding program.

Have in mind our special offers for the Andalusia trails:
As new client we offer you a gratis day before the trail to get used to riding style and horses.
If you have been at any program of La Paz before you get 10% of the trail price.
Please note on the booking

You should have experience in the countryside and have your horse under control galloping and be able to move free on a horse while climbing in the mountains.
Riding time about 7 hours / day. (Weight limit 95kg)


Necessary riding experience:

You are safe in the handling of a horse and have the necessary riding experience in outside rides to have your horse in all gates in a group safe under control, you can mount and dismount without help and you are able to stand up in the stirrups during the canters and longer climbing parts in the mountains to help your horse. Some parts you have to walk ( comfortable shoes)

The maximum weight of the rider is 95 kilos with complete riding clothes

This trail is for well trained riders as you have days of 9 hours riding with a lot of climbing in the mountains (some parts walking).


Pls. pay attention to our special offers
  • As new client we offer you a gratis day before the trail to get used to riding style and horses.
  • If you have been at any program of La Paz before you get 10% of the trail price (Please note on the booking).